Sample Route, Beinn Fhada

The Beinn Fhada Ridge to Stob Coire Sgreamach

We wanted to share with you a small sample of the book that shows the approach we’ve taken. We’ve chosen a walk that is not in the usual walking guides but is easy to find and gives a great summary view of most of Bidean as you walk the length of it.  

The long and undulating ridge of Beinn Fhada is undoubtedly the finest approach to Stob Coire Sgreamhach. After the initial ascent, the ridge is an absolute joy; interesting underfoot and with spectacular views. If the ridge was anywhere but in Glen Coe, it would surely be far more popular with walkers, and its paths would be wide and well trodden. Its saving grace is the difficulty of getting onto the ridge overlooking the A82 but the effort required is emphatically worthwhile.

This route is ridge walking at its very finest, with the most exciting section being between the summit of Beinn Fhada and Stob Coire Sgreamhach. This involves a short and enjoyable scramble up a series of wide blocks, easy on a dry day but needs care after rain as there is a fierce drop on the north and west side. After the spectacular situation of the scramble, the remaining climb is up a boulder strewn ridge with excellent views and leads directly to the summit cairn.

 The Beinn Fhada Ridge to Stob Coire Sgreamach

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